Podcast – Technology’s Attack on Marriage: Finding Wise Digital Boundaries

The DFR team discusses the damage that the digital world can have on marriage and how to set up boundaries to keep your marriage safe. Technology’s Attack on Marriage – Finding Wise Digital Boundaries   http://traffic.libsyn.com/doingfamilyright/DFR71.m4a Podcast #71: Technology’s Attack on Marriage – Finding Wise Digital Boundaries   Originally posted on the DFR page HERE.  Follow […]

Podcast – Face Time vs Screen Time: Helping kids with an electronic-digital balance

The DFR Podcast team discusses and gives tools for Helping our kids balance digital devices in their lives. Podcast #65: Face Time vs. Screen Time – Helping Kids Achieve Electronic-Digital Balance   http://traffic.libsyn.com/doingfamilyright/DFR65.m4a   Originally posted on HERE on the DFR site.   For more info follow these links: 6 Step guide to Social Media […]

Podcast: The Challenge and “How To’s” of Digital Protection for Your Kids.

Dave McVety and Dave Currie discuss the Challenge and “How To’s” of digital protection for your kids. To challenge parents in the need of setting up carful software protection on all electronic devices giving practical step-by-step help in setting up the safeguards to protect from dangerous sites and negative influence. Click here for my 3 […]