What to do if your child is into Porn – Podcast

A Parent’s Response To their Children’s Porn Use As parents it can be VERY hard to navigate different things with our children. Few things can cause us fear and trauma like finding out one of our children is looking at pornography. The podcast attached will help give you the words and a plan of action […]

Teaching our Kids the Beauty of Boredom – Redefining Boredom Part 1

Boredom Isn’t What You Think it is Teaching our children the value of quiet – Redefining Boredom Part 1 I can’t count the number of times that my wife, Melissa, and I have been so caught up in our hectic lives that we have needed to take a step back and ask each other whether […]

3 Steps to iPod Safety – They Got One For Christmas, Now What?

iPod Safety They Got One for Christmas – Now What?! Its that time of year, inevitably your child received an iPod or tablet. From a grandparent or aunt or uncle, or maybe even you as their parent. And why not? Games are cheap and accessible, Nintendo DS’s might be cheaper at first but the iPods […]

Rules – Relationship = Rebellion; A Parenting Principle

A core theme that we teach at Doing Family Right is this: “Rules without Relationship = Rebellion.” Dr. Dave Currie was the first person I heard it from, and he doesn’t hesitate to admit that he heard it first from someone else, but we have grabbed onto it and developed it from there. This statement […]