Podcast – Face Time vs Screen Time: Helping kids with an electronic-digital balance

The DFR Podcast team discusses and gives tools for Helping our kids balance digital devices in their lives. Podcast #65: Face Time vs. Screen Time – Helping Kids Achieve Electronic-Digital Balance   http://traffic.libsyn.com/doingfamilyright/DFR65.m4a   Originally posted on HERE on the DFR site.   For more info follow these links: 6 Step guide to Social Media […]

Your Child’s Good Character Won’t Save Them

  The world has changed, things are complicated and danger lurks in ways that we as parents would never have imagined when we were growing up. A large part of our job is to help provide tools for parents so that they can be proactive in their parenting, particularly in the area of social media […]

3 Steps to iPod Safety – They Got One For Christmas, Now What?

iPod Safety They Got One for Christmas – Now What?! Its that time of year, inevitably your child received an iPod or tablet. From a grandparent or aunt or uncle, or maybe even you as their parent. And why not? Games are cheap and accessible, Nintendo DS’s might be cheaper at first but the iPods […]

A Disturbing Culture Shift: Popular Apps and Websites and What They Tell us About Today’s Youth

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend and shift in the current teen culture. The point of awareness came to me when I was preparing and researching different apps that are currently popular with teens. In my naivety I assumed that teens were into the apps and sites that I am accustomed to and personally use. I […]

Describing the Risk of “Naked Pictures” to Our Children

Talking to our kids about porn is tricky to say the least. Parents regularly ask how to bring up the topic with younger children, particularly in a way that doesn’t draw too much attention to what is supposed to be something we are trying to help them avoid. This was a major issue for me […]

A Youth Leaders Guide to Supporting Teens Struggling with Porn

This post will serve as a quick guide for youth workers who have someone they are working with and mentoring come to them and confess an issue with porn. The assumption is that they have come in order to get help. This list is directed towards youth workers specifically but can easily be adjusted for […]

6 Steps to Freedom From Porn

The porn epidemic and the problems that come along with it are becoming a widespread reality. Its not just Christian conservatives who are calling it out for what it is. Science is consistently finding the levels of addiction and issues that come into play with porn. In spite of how many of you might feel, […]

Podcast: The Challenge and “How To’s” of Digital Protection for Your Kids.

Dave McVety and Dave Currie discuss the Challenge and “How To’s” of digital protection for your kids. To challenge parents in the need of setting up carful software protection on all electronic devices giving practical step-by-step help in setting up the safeguards to protect from dangerous sites and negative influence. Click here for my 3 […]