Audio: Teaching Our Children the Value of Quiet (and boredom)

Teaching our Children the Value of Quiet (and Boredom too)  Melissa and Dave’s Keynote address #2 at the BC Christian Home Educators Conference I believe that there is incredible potential for us to grow our children and a vital need for us to teach them how to embrace and look for opportunity in times of […]

Redefining Boredom Part 4 – Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

  Boredom as Opportunity for Spiritual Growth Redefining Boredom Part 4 Boredom = Time for spiritual development and relationship with Jesus Boredom, the word and the typical feelings related to the word, is starting to become a word with positive associated feelings for me. Instead of the usually associated feeling of emptiness and needing something […]

Teaching our Kids the Beauty of Boredom – Redefining Boredom Part 1

Boredom Isn’t What You Think it is Teaching our children the value of quiet – Redefining Boredom Part 1 I can’t count the number of times that my wife, Melissa, and I have been so caught up in our hectic lives that we have needed to take a step back and ask each other whether […]