We are humbled and honoured by these words of encouragement that have been shared with us. As God uses us and continually refines and shapes us, we trust Him to lead the way and speak through our words, stories and insights. Thank you so much for taking the time to check us out. 


“Enjoyed listening to them – especially in the closing keynote – lots to think about, challenge us with. Enjoyed the personal anecdotes/examples – very appropriate.”


“I appreciated their thoroughly Biblical perspective and relevant life experience.”



“Great speakers.”


“They were great! I really enjoyed their inspiring message. I know it touched several people as a friend of mine was in tears realizing she really needed to focus on relationship in the coming school year.”


“This was one of the most engaging sessions during CHEC. They were relate-able and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed their workshop and was able to share with other people after the weekend.”


“I really enjoyed their sessions. they had lots of info. on many ‘different’ aspects of life, and school, and our Christian walk.”


“Very thought provoking. stayed on topic. relevant.”


“Awesome presentation! Engaging and useful.”


“They had some good information. They are a great, real and open couple. I appreciated how candid they were.”



“These speakers were great!”


“This couple had some very good ideas and strategies to deal with newer tech problems and online parameters. Dave did a workshop on online security and expectations.”


“Dave and Melissa were very amazing! Very valuable information shared and I came away really inspired to apply what I learned with my family!”


“Loved their ‘in the trenches’ perspective. So often keynote speakers haven’t actually homeschooled for a while and they only seem to remember the wonderful parts. These two are real. Loved that they prayed together before their presentation.”


“I enjoyed there talk very much, so much so that I readjusted my schedule to attend further workshops by them. I was challenged, encouraged and affirmed and reminded. The visual aids were helpful and I really appreciated them as I am a notetaker.”


“I appreciate their heart for a balanced family life. “


“I really liked them. They had a very natural, realistic, fun, and clear speaking style. Over all I think they did a great job sharing and I got a lot of value from hearing them. Encouragement, thought provoking, and great ideas.”


“McVety’s did a wonderful job and spoke to real concerns and issues faced by parents and addressed those issues from a solid clear understanding of the Bible and their own experience.”


“Loved them! Very believable, loved the stories about their kids, relatable, excellent!”


“Engaging, passionate and good sense of humour.”


“Excellent style. Love how they talked back and forth. Topics relevant to all parents. Visuals great.”


“This couple did a fabulous job delivering together. Very flowing and natural. Their passion for family is very evident in the delivery of their many words of wisdom. The importance of connecting with our children can never be preached enough. They were very organized and I enjoyed them tremendously.”



“I really enjoyed these two. I went to Dave’s talk in the afternoon and again with both of them at the end of the second day. Very well done.”


“Very real presentation. Very engaging. Topic was covered nicely.”


“I enjoyed these speakers, and came away with some helpful tips to apply.”


“They were great as well. Lots of practical ways to implement their ideas into our family. Loved both of the sessions I heard them in.”


“I thought they were wonderful. I appreciated how they relied on scripture for their teachings.”


“This couple was very real with the audience and was engaged by taking questions. The visual aids were very helpful to see a representation of what they were talking about.”