Next Steps to Recovery from Pornography

Next Steps to Recovery from Pornography Mountaneer climbs a snowy ridge in Mont Blanc, France. Enterprise, diligence, team work: mountaneering concepts. I can’t count the number of times men have come to me and asked, “Why won’t God give me the freedom I’m desperately seeking?” Even those men who have been in accountability relationships for […]

4 Ways Youth Ministries Can Respond to the Current Culture Shift with Teens

I recently wrote a post where I describe some of the things that are standing out to me in relation to youth culture’s recent shift as evidenced by the apps and websites that they choose to use. My conclusion was that “we can see that there is clearly an overt shift in teen culture from the […]

Parents: Responding To Your Child’s Porn Problem

Many parents believe that the character of their children will protect them from the dangers of the online world. Unfortunately the usual reality is that the online world bombards them and because of hormones and peer influence they don’t stand a chance. Their character may be solid and they may even be able to avoid […]

A Youth Leaders Guide to Supporting Teens Struggling with Porn

This post will serve as a quick guide for youth workers who have someone they are working with and mentoring come to them and confess an issue with porn. The assumption is that they have come in order to get help. This list is directed towards youth workers specifically but can easily be adjusted for […]

Public Speaking and Reliance on the Holy Spirit

Speaking publicly for a living is a challenge, and I can honestly say I didn’t anticipate doing this when I was younger. I’m an introvert by nature and the pressure and stress of standing in front of groups and crowds of people can take a lot out of me. One of the benefits of being […]

Thoughts on Fundraising: Part 1

  I was thinking about the concept of “support raising” or “fundraising” and wondering about the general response of people who hear that term. I’m sure that many have no idea what it means and others are actually offended by it, feeling as if its all about people begging for money… particularly people who can’t […]