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Posted by DavidMcVety on March 16, 2012


“Men who speak endlessly about authority only prove that they have none. And Kings who make speeches on submission only betray twin fears in their hearts: they are not certain they are really true leaders sent of God. And they live in mortal fear of a rebellion.” -Edwards Although their are many things about his

Posted by DavidMcVety on March 16, 2012

Legalism vs. Authoritarianism

Posted by DavidMcVety on February 7, 2012

New Blog, new thoughts…

Today I was thinking about the concept of “false teachers.” Partially in connection with my wife’s current interactions with a Beth Moore bible study that she is doing and partially in connection with some recent experiences I’ve been having. It struck me that false teachers don’t actually know that they are false teachers. This makes