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Posted by DavidMcVety on April 24, 2018

Parenting: Laying a Foundation for Relationship and Self-Acceptance

  Laying the foundation your children need to develop and grow as God designed them to, isn’t something we always consider. In fact, often times I find myself sitting back and just being glad that my kids are doing what they “should” be doing or what they have been told to do. After all, why mess

Posted by DavidMcVety on March 12, 2018

Next Steps to Recovery from Pornography

Next Steps to Recovery from Pornography Mountaneer climbs a snowy ridge in Mont Blanc, France. Enterprise, diligence, team work: mountaneering concepts. I can’t count the number of times men have come to me and asked, “Why won’t God give me the freedom I’m desperately seeking?” Even those men who have been in accountability relationships for

Posted by DavidMcVety on November 29, 2017


  Obedience… I was struck recently by something that maybe should be a given, but I don’t think it really is in our culture. The issue that spoke to me was that of obedience, obedience specifically as it relates to God and my relationship with Him. Obedience Is not about “Do this or else” but

Posted by DavidMcVety on November 14, 2017

Our Year End 2017 Ministry Update

Click on an image or the link below to read our year end ministry update and family run down – it includes a special announcement too! Ministry Update 2017

Posted by DavidMcVety on August 23, 2017

Audio: Teaching Our Children the Value of Quiet (and boredom)

Teaching our Children the Value of Quiet (and Boredom too)  Melissa and Dave’s Keynote address #2 at the BC Christian Home Educators Conference I believe that there is incredible potential for us to grow our children and a vital need for us to teach them how to embrace and look for opportunity in times of