Redefining Boredom Part 4 – Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

  Boredom as Opportunity for Spiritual Growth Redefining Boredom Part 4 Boredom = Time for spiritual development and relationship with Jesus Boredom, the word and the typical feelings related to the word, is starting to become a word with positive associated feelings for me. Instead of the usually associated feeling of emptiness and needing something […]

Reversing the Order of Mistake to Confession and How Much Detail do I Confess?

  Reversing the Gap Between Mistake and Confession Its incredibly exciting to see the potential and change in an individual and relationship when, instead of having big gaps between when we sin and when we confess, we shift the point of confession to BEFORE the mistake even happens!  

rTribe – The Recovery Tool for Porn Addiction

     rTribe The Powerful Porn Addiction Recovery Tool   rTribe is a Porn Addiction Recovery app that helps in incredible ways. rTribe will help you: Become self-aware Use your phone for positive things Connect with a community of people that can support you Become excited and even a little addicted to staying clean Be […]