What to do if your child is into Porn – Podcast

A Parent’s Response To their Children’s Porn Use As parents it can be VERY hard to navigate different things with our children. Few things can cause us fear and trauma like finding out one of our children is looking at pornography. The podcast attached will help give you the words and a plan of action […]

Engaging in Relationships with our Children with Melissa McVety

  Its far too easy to get preoccupied with “Doing” daily tasks and the outward behaviour of our children where we lose sight of who are kids are, and the incredible value of quiet time and “being” in their presence https://apotekerendk.com/. This is a video clip from our full talk at the Christian Homeschoolers Education […]

4 Unexpected Ways to Put Children First: Hint- It’s All About Your Marriage

  4 Unexpected Ways to Put Your Children First Hint – Its all about your marriage The second highest demographic for divorce is people who are married 25-30 years!   Does this shock you?   We have couples regularly telling us stories about how disconnected they are, how they don’t date anymore and in some […]