Messages/Sermons by Dave 

Passing Your Faith onto the next Generation

A message on Genesis 28-30

Melissa and Dave’s Keynote addresses at the BC Christian Home Educators Conference

Rules – Relationship = Rebellion 

Teaching our Children the Value of Quiet (and Boredom)


A collection of talks, messages, sermons and podcasts by David and/or Melissa McVety




Podcast #71: Technology’s Attack on Marriage – Finding Wise Digital Boundaries

Podcast #65: Face Time vs. Screen Time – Helping Kids Achieve Electronic-Digital Balance

Podcast #64: What Happens When the Butterflies of Love Die?

Podcast #61: What to Do if Your Child is Into Porn?

Podcast #59: Bully-Proof: Helping Your Kids through the Hard Stuff

Podcast #56: PARENT ALERT: 16 Phone Apps Smart Parents are Aware Of

Podcast #55: Trusting God with the Prodigal: What Happens when Your Teen Rebels?

Podcast #50: Securing Your Freedom From Pornography: What Wise Men Addicted Can Do

Podcast #41- The Challenge and “How To’s” of Digital Protection for Our Kids

Podcast #40- Stillbirth Grief: Facing the Death of an Unborn Child

Podcast #35- Cell Phone Sanity

Podcast #34- Caught in a Blender: How Do Two Families Become One

Podcast #33- The Challenges of Single Parenting


Passing Your Faith onto the next Generation

A message on Genesis 28-30

I spoke 2 sundays (August 2014) in a row at Grace Church in Abbotsford. Here are audio versions of each;

1. Ephesians 2 “Once Dead and Now Alive” 

2. Ephesians 3 “Know God’s Grace, Know God’s Love”

Parenting Sessions:

The sex talk and preparing your kids for purity

Pastor and leader training:

 A session on the vital importance of nurturing healthy marriages in the church 


Dealing with the epidemic of porn in the church


Melissa and I gave a “Sex and Dating” talk to a group of youth- here it is:

“Dating, Sex and Purity”

Past Sermons:

Passing on your faith to your Children (October 2015)

Passing on your faith to the next generation (February 16, 2014)

John 9: a sermon

Congratulations you’re suffering!

Two Evening sessions at a family camp summer 2013:

1. God Longs for you- He chose you

2. Quiet, alone time with God- Come expecting Him

Men’s retreat sessions:

Man of Steel, Iron Sharpening Iron

Fortress of Solitude: Finding Your Place with God

Kids Camp talks:


Leap of Faith

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