A New Stage … A Big Shift for the McVety Family

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Following God’s Lead

God has been amazing to us over our last 6 years with Doing Family Right. We moved all the way from Manitoba to be a part of a ministry where Melissa and I could speak, teach and share in ministry together. One where we could encourage marriages and build families highlighting and teaching people what it means to have God at the center of everything that matters most.


Six years of pouring our lives into Doing Family Right has had incredible ups and even a few downs. God has provided in every way, including with peace in hard moments, and incredible and surprising financial gifts at exactly the right moments. God has grown me personally in ways I couldn’t have dreamt, especially ways that I never anticipated when coming on board. I have developed as an itinerant speaker, writing articles and blog posts, podcasts, seminar speaking, and curriculum development. Most recently God allowed me the chance to start “tent making” by charging for counselling. With Melissa by my side I have learned incredible things and have been deeply encouraged by the clients God has allowed me to walk with. The counselling has been going so well that God even opened a door for me to become recognized as a “Master Therapeutic Counsellor” through the ACCT of Canada.


You may have already guessed but God has made it clear to us that our time at DFR has come to an end. I’ve wondered what God might be doing with and through me specifically with all of the things that I have been stretched and pushed to do. For a long time I believed that I would be back in a church again at some point, but through prayer and surprising insights including dreams, affirmation from those closest to me, and promptings on Melissa’s part, God has allowed me an opportunity to combine all of my gifts and developed skills into one place.


I (Dave) have accepted a position as School Counsellor at Langley Christian Middle and High School. It is a 4-day per week role and one where I will have opportunities to teach parenting seminars, counsel students, support teachers and even develop curriculum. As you might imagine my role as counsellor will be deeply rooted with my pastor’s heart as well.


This is a surprise for me, but a good kind of surprise. Finding a fit that was unexpected and a perfect collaboration of all God has done and grown me to be.


Confirmation of this has even been seen in the way that God brought the job into reality.


I applied on a Thursday night, was interviewed the following Monday morning and offered the position 24 hours later. Less than two days later, before I’d even had a chance to tell Dave Currie about the progression, he announced that the he had been lead to close a door at DFR, that door happened to be a major part of the role that Melissa and I had been brought on to help accomplish. And so we found ourselves with 1 opened door and 1 closed one. God’s timing is incredible, even Leigha noted how God took care of us!


An added part of the blessing is that I don’t have to stop doing the private practice work that I have begun and have really found a deep sense of value in. It will allow Melissa and I to continue working with some couples together, and for me to work with both the individuals and couples that God has brought my way.


We don’t have to move away from Merci and her family. We don’t have to wonder and sit in a state of nervousness about where God wants us to go next – all of our potential fears have been accounted for in advance!


Thank you SO much for your support these last 6 years, it is ONLY through you that we have been able to trust and allow God to work in and through us. WE could NOT be here today without you.


A note from Dr. Dave

“To the faithful donors of Dave and Melissa,

These two have served the Lord and DFR so faithfully over these years that I would LOVE to see them blessed with a transitional month of support. The truth is that they served in spite of not getting a full cheque many months. Would you join us in giving through to the end of September as a thank you for their faithfulness (we are personally on their support team too)? Their account would remain open for this purpose until September 30, 2018.

Thanks for Considering This,

Dave Currie”


Also, although we will no longer need your funds for our personal support, Melissa and I are considering developing a charity that would allow us to provide personal counselling at reduced rates for those in need. We will keep you informed as we progress with this and would love for you to begin praying about your potentially partnering with us in providing this form of care.


May the Lord bless you with Peacebeyond measure, in both times of clear leading and times of waiting.


Sincerely yours,

David and Melissa McVety and family


P.S. If you would like to hear more of our story we would LOVE to meet or talk with you in person, thank you again for your continued love, interest, prayers and support.


Please be assured that we will make sure that all of your automatic donations are automatically stopped after September 15.


If you would prefer to stop your automatic donations yourself you can do so by contacting TGCF here:

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