When Someone Saves Your Life, You Throw Them a Party!

This was a quote I heard recently in a Christmas production. The point of the production wasn’t related to this quote at all, but somehow it stood out and deeply impacted me.


Imagine for a moment that your family – whether that be wife or kids or parents etc… - are in danger. A known killer has broken into your home and is holding them at gunpoint while you aren’t there. Your neighbour happens to have seen them approach your house and comes over to check on them. He knocks to find the assailant and they end up in a standoff at the front door with your family standing behind him with looks of panic and fear on their faces, signalling him for help. Your neighbour has two choices, 1. run and get help or 2. lunge and disarm the assailant realizing he is risking his own life but also realizing that the result to your family will likely be deadly if he doesn’t.


He chooses the latter and lunges, getting shot in the leg but disarming the assailant and allowing your family to call the police. Your family is safe and they were saved by the heroic actions of an individual who put his own life on the line for them.


What is your response to your neighbour going to be?


You would likely try desperately to find a way to express your gratitude, with words, gifts, cards or offering your time and help with anything they might need. But maybe, you just might want to acknowledge what they have done for you to the world. Some might call the newspaper, others would bring everyone they know over to celebrate and have a party to acknowledge the sacrifice your neighbour made for you and the resulting safety of your family.


Essentially you would do just about anything for him, at least within your own resource pool and personal capabilities.


Apply this in any way that is applicable, imagine they saved your life, or maybe they died saving your life. The impact is deep and hard to describe, and paying them back is entirely impossible.


In the end, if someone saved your family’s life, wouldn’t it make sense to throw them a party?


Enter Christmas – so often we talk about Jesus coming to earth to die for our sins, but we forget that he didn’t just die for our sins, He in fact saved our lives! And He didn’t just disarm someone, He actually lost His life to save me!


Yes, lives in eternity after our mortal lives but ALSO our lives today, giving us purpose and direction, love without comparison and the strength and peace to live this life in a state of assurance and confidence.


If Jesus saved my life (and my family’s too for that matter), why wouldn’t I do for Jesus at least what I would for my neighbour?


I think I will do exactly that this Christmas: Hello world Jesus saved my life, he also saved the lives of my children and wife and I’m having a party to celebrate. It’s on December 25th, and you’re all invited!



P.S. Don’t forget to cherish your loved ones just like you would if you came home to find that they had come close to death but were saved. Every day is a gift from God, so hold them tight this season.