Settling the Snow Globe in Your Mind to find Jesus in the Stillness

Settling the Snow Globe of the Mind in Pursuit of Stillness with God

The thoughts and distractions in our minds can feel like we are living in a snow globe, letting those thoughts settle is the only way to find stillness and see Jesus.

I was speaking at a Camp this summer in Hope BC and one of the leaders at the camp told me I could get to the Fraser River quickly, and that it was a great place to pray before the day gets started.


I took up the challenge.


After getting up early I went for the 15-20 minute walk down to the river. The Fraser is a fairly fast moving river that you wouldn’t want to try to swim across. The water isn’t pretty exactly, it’s muddy and even a little scary when you think of how rough it gets. There is a peace to being there though, the rushing water, the quiet all around with nothing to distract you. In some ways it’s kind of like staring at a fire – being mesmerized and drawn into its constantly moving state. It’s a focal point that somehow helps diminish some of what could distract otherwise.


I found a spot on the rocks to sit and began to pray.


The trouble was that my mind was swamped with thoughts, jumbled up and messy. Too many things were on my mind and as much as I was still on the outside, I couldn’t seem to “be still” on the inside.


I began to get wrestles and actually got up to leave because I figured I had prayed as much as I could. At that point though, I stopped and sat back down. I chose to push through the storm in my mind and find the “stillness” that scripture talks about (Psa. 46).


As I sat praying a picture came to mind. It was an image of a snow globe. I felt like I was looking through the snow globe trying to see and hear God, each flake representing the thoughts in my mind, the questions, the worries and the list of to do’s in my world. With so many things to think about how am we supposed to find rest and stillness?


Imagining the snow globe actually helped. It gave me a focal point, something to look for, through the snowflakes. The longer I looked the less movement I did in my mind and the more the flakes settled, it was an incredible chance for me to really feel what it means to push through, to focus and not give up on the goal of stillness in God’s presence. When you are focused on the goal or a point in the distance the rest of your surroundings fade, and those flakes in our minds only stay floating as long as we are thinking about them.


My prayer is that this picture would help you find the stillness that will guide you into the knowledge of who God is. May the snow globe of your mind settle and find stillness as you put your focus on Jesus, putting all your intention and attention on Him.


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