Praying Together as a Dating Couple Part 3: Finding Balance

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Prayer as a couple is good, here are a few points to keep you cautious but intentional as you share your spiritual life with those you date.


So, after all of this, it seems evident that there is a balance needed:


1. Yes, pray and share with each other – all of the things you have learned and that God has revealed to you personally. Share your heart for others in prayer and listen to the heart of your partner as they pray. Take the opportunity to discern and notice what their spiritual commitment, life, and growth looks like.


2. Guard your heart, body AND soul. Don’t give more of yourself away than you should before marriage. A simple way of discerning this is to ask yourself, “If who I marry someday were to give this much to someone else BEFORE they met me, would I feel like I lost something?”


3. Maintain your own personal relationship and prayer life with God. Put God first in your life, and don’t rely on another person to be your foundation or anchor as you do. This actually applies to all of your relationships, even mentors or teachers can draw dependence from us if we aren’t careful.


Make your spiritualty an important part of your relationship, through discussions about beliefs and view points, as well as elements of what you have learned from God and how He has grown you, being sure to pray for and with one another, but make sure to ALWAYS retreat to your quiet place to be alone with God. You need your own time with God to be completely real with your thoughts, feelings, insecurities and dreams, without worrying about what the other may think. Plus, this helps to make sure to guard your heart and give it to God first. It also leaves new levels of intimacy to be shared after your wedding day, though you could try one of these things as well if intimacy between you and your partner needs to be reinforced. Whatever you do, always remember that even in marriage we are to have our own personal relationship with God, so let’s practice that now so it’s a more natural transition into marriage later.