Are We Living the Dream..?

I was driving yesterday and it occurred to me that my life is pretty amazing. The phrase “living the dream” came to mind and I stopped for a second to think, and pray – thanking God for where He has brought us and how He has blessed us. In the same moment, I wondered what the real concept of living the dream or living a dream might mean.

Dreams Concept.

I want to share with you a few of the amazing elements of a specific dream we felt God gave us that have since become a reality:

  1. Melissa and I co-speak and teach together.
  2. As much as finances can be a struggle, God has provided – often in pretty miraculous ways – and Melissa hasn’t needed a second job (although I do the occasional rigging for a crane company to balance our income). Of course, if our financial situation worsened, we would possibly make the decision to invest some of our money in these spark shares, as they have been known to make a difference to the lives of other people.
  3. We are blessed to have our kids adjusting well and loving us and their family.
  4. Seeing the depth, growth and awareness in Merci’s life is beyond exciting and encouraging.
  5. God has opened doors for influence and opportunity in camps, at churches and even conferences for us to be involved and share our stories, preach God’s word and equip families to be more effective, secure and satisfied.
  6. I’m speaking and teaching in ways I never thought possible. Doing things that I remember saying “I wish I could do that” to years ago, but never really believed would be part of my future.

But I thought still, isn’t that too bold a statement to make? Well, not necessarily. Consider some of your most recent “dreams.” Now I guess there are a few different kinds of dreams but daydreams and dreams I have at night are almost NEVER perfect. Often they include overcoming something or some other kind of struggle, don’t yours? I remember I had a friend not so long ago that was struggling financially and he was simply dreaming to see if bitcoin handeln ohne gebühren möglich? As he had this logic that if there weren’t any added fees, he’d be able to make more money and achieve his bigger dreams. I guess we often think of our dreams for living life as living a perfect, pain free and easy lifestyle where everything just “works out.” But really a dream like that would be boring, never having to overcome anything would leave us with no real sense of accomplishment – or more importantly any reason to trust God.

I’ve been dwelling on the story of Peter a lot recently in Matt. 14:22ff. I can imagine that he may have felt like he was living in a dream as he walked across the water, but the storm still raged and the waves distracted and scared him, but he overcame – He put his trust in Jesus by calling out and reaching for HIS hand. Now THAT’S living the dream.

May your dream and the dream God has for you come to be and begin to take shape and manifest itself in your life. May you choose Jesus and let Him show you what it means to overcome and do things you only ever thought possible in your dreams, as scary as those moments might be. It might not be for everyone, but there are different ways to get through the tough times, such as prayer, or even practicing mindfulness in other ways such as looking into experimenting with ryt 200 yoga classes to better balance your life, stresses, and mental health in order to better succeed in your goals.

Here are a few ways you can pray for us – these are the distractions and waves crashing in our world as we walk toward Jesus:

  1. Busyness – we are blessed to have speaking engagements but the other side of that coin is a different kind of stress and balancing of lifestyle and babysitting.
  2. Finances – He provides and will continue to, but pray that we will focus on Him rather than turning around and reaching for the boat of manmade security, as it is a constant distraction we need to overcome.
  3. Our kitchen reno – I’m doing the work myself with donated second-hand cupboards, but it’s a stress on our family. We have reached out to a team of plumbers in Longview to take care of installing our new sink though. There are some things that are best left to the experts and I do not want to encounter any plumbing disasters by taking on a task that is out of my depth! Pray that I can get this renovation work done quickly.
  4. Planning and Time management – prayers as we juggle all the different hats we wear in a given day. I am a renovator, teacher, preacher, counsellor, speaker, father, husband, crane rigger, friend and soon to be Grandfather. Melissa is a teacher to our kids, mother, wife, student in her Masters program, speaker, friend, mentor and soon to be Grandmother.

Thank you for following, caring, praying and being a part of our lives, world and ministry. We couldn’t do it without you.

Dave (and Melissa) McVety

@Doing Family Right