Swimming with Sharks, You should Try it Some Time

135313_10152299383480305_671200789_oHave you ever had nightmares about being stuck in water with sharks? I know I have. I actually used to have dreams of mini- sharks coming out of the drain of a pool and attacking me.

So what would possess me to jump into shark infested waters in the Bahamas?

Well, I guess it could have been peer pressure, or just sheer stupidity – but I lived through it so it couldn’t have been that dumb right?

To give a little context I was in the Bahamas with my roommate – we took a backpack trip a couple of weeks after our school year ended and spent the week snorkeling as much as possible. It was amazing! (Here is a post I wrote about the impact of snorkeling on my spiritual life)

There was one snorkeling trip that we paid for where we were offered the option of swimming with sharks. This sounded like a bad idea but they assured us that they were “reef sharks” and generally only 6 feet long.679792_10152299517555305_490551298_o-2

My first thought was – “6 feet sounds big and even tiny sharks can bite.” They assured us it was safe so we continued on our way to the reef.

They pulled up to the spot and dropped some fish heads into the water to draw them our way – and we jumped in. I jumped in quickly because I knew that if I thought about it too long I might not go at all.

With my heart beating heavily I swam and even tried to touch one of them. As we were told they were harmless, even with bait in the water.

This sounds crazy I know and what is the point of telling you this story?

Because sometimes God asks us to do things that seem crazy, things that any normal person would avoid if given the choice. Just as we trusted the tour guides when we went into the water with a school of sharks, we are called to trust God in our lives.

Sometimes we’re even prompted to do things that we have had nightmares about, and what better place or opportunity to learn to really trust God and allow Him to conquer your fears for us?

You may not literally swim with sharks but my prayer for you is that you would allow God to prompt you to swim with the figurative sharks in your life. After all when we have the creator of the universe by our side we can trust Him to “cause everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose for them.” Rom. 8:28

Trust the ultimate expert – its always worth it!

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