Learning to Trust by Falling Out of a Plane

Father/Son skydiveI had the opportunity to skydive this summer, and the exhilarating experience taught me a few things about trusting God.

I went with my Dad, for his 60th birthday- he figured there was no better way to tell 60 who was in charge, and I couldn’t very well let him go alone, could I?

I wasn’t initially sure how I would feel about it. Would I be too nervous and back out? Would I love every second? A little of both?

I’m not going to lie. There was a part of me that felt that this experience could potentially ruin the idea of planes for the rest of my life. You see, I’ve always associated planes with going on vacation to a destination that you have spent all year planning for. One that makes you focus on nothing else but that. But as I’ve agreed to go skydiving with my father, I feel that these opinions will soon change. It’s a shame really, as I’ve always wanted to use a company like Jettly.com to travel on a private jet to our intended destination. I mean, how cool would that be? It’s definitely on my bucket list, so I’m putting all my faith in God here that we both come out of this unscathed so we can try to plan another trip of a lifetime. I just hope I get through it…

Upon arrival, we signed our lives away and they rushed us into the hanger for a 10-minute briefing where we suited up and hopped on the plane. I think they were avoiding letting us think too hard about what we were about to do.

The weather was perfect and the 15-minute flight up was the only opportunity we had to overthink things, but we didn’t. Out we dropped, with our experienced jumpers strapped to our backs.

It was incredible, a little hard to breath initially (try sticking your head out of your car window while driving 130 mph and see if you can breath) but amazing to see the world below with nothing obstructing my view. No distractions of cell phones or even birds and bugs that high. From that high, the earth is obviously round and the sky never ends. The free fall portion was only about 1-minute, and then afterwards we spent longer floating than we did falling.

Here is the video they put together for me:

If you ever get the opportunity I would strongly recommend trying it out.

I wasn’t only impacted by the jump physically but spiritually too, here are 3 connection to my faith that I took away from the experience:

  1. Trust the pros: I obviously had to trust others in order to successfully skydive- including those who packed the parachute, the guy on my back to pull the shoot and latch me on properly, the pilot, etc. I had no control once I committed to the experience. In the same way, when I committed to following Jesus I had to learn what it meant to trust Him. When He leads I follow, and there are moments where I have no idea how I’m going to make it through something- but I trust Him because he is the one who brought me there. He is the ULTIMATE pro in the faith situations in my life.
  1. Thinking is overrated: Had I overthought the situation and gotten myself worked up, I would have worried about things that were out of my control anyway. I wouldn’t have been able to watch, look, and absorb the experience. There are times in our walks with God that simple faith is enough and anything more can take away from the experience God wants us to have.
  1. Enjoy the ride: When you are able to forget about your worries and trust, the ride is incredible. Where God is concerned, that’s exactly what he wants for you. When He calls us to something and we jump on (or off) the plane, we have to trust Him. The more we trust, the more amazing the experience is.

Whatever God is calling you to, with all your might trust Him. Jump out of the plane with Him and with everything you are let go, and He’ll take care of the rest. You won’t regret it.


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