4 Reasons I Read a Paper Bible

MyBibleYep, the paper Bible is dying off. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that people are pulling out their phones or tablets to reference their Bible instead of using a classic paper printed Bible.

I thought I’d jot down a few reasons that I have to keep my paper Bible in regular rotation:

  1. Knowing God’s word: Our ability to reference where things are in the Bible is dying. When we don’t have to remember where to find things, we forget where they are. Especially when it comes to the order of the books of the Bible. We feel like we don’t need to know where to find things or how to find them because our app or Google will do it for us. I’m often reminded of the importance of learning these things (hiding God’s word in our heart), particularly when I run into Jehovah’s witnesses who seem to know every reference to everything.
  2. Personal notes and revelations: I know you can jot down notes and highlight things in your iPhone but you can’t exactly skim through it to remind yourself of what you wrote or what God revealed to you UNLESS you’re looking at that passage again intentionally. For me there is something to be said for flipping through a book and seeing visual references to previous thoughts and lessons I’ve learned.
  3. Impact on my kids: This is the most important aspect for me. Our kids see us on our phone and devices ALL of the time. Mine usually think I’m playing a game or working. Knowing that the greatest influence on my kids’ spirituality is what I model, it’s important to me that they see me spending time reading the Bible.
  4. Legacy for my grandchildren: Have you ever come across a bible and found yourself caught up in their personal notes and highlights? My sisters and I found my Grandmother’s once and it was like being with her all over again. The insight into an individual’s personality and spiritual life you can get by reading thoughts and notes in their Bible is incredible. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to see how God worked through His word in my life, years into the future when they stumble on my Bible in the bookshelf.

So take this as a challenge to rethink how you reference God’s word. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that we should all be able to use apps and Google to add to our learning, but I believe completely relying on electronic devices is a mistake, particularly with something as important as God’s word and our relationship with Him, not to mention our children’s relationship with Him.

Pastor Dave

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  1. I have had my paper bible sitting in the night stand for a couple of years and never pull it out. I at times have questioned whether I need to keep it and have pondered even donating it since it seems to have become obsolete which seems like such an offensive comment.

    I become more aware each day of how my behaviour impacts the development of my children but this had not occurred to me. Perhaps there are parts of our existence that don’t need to be impacted by technology.
    Evidently I have since picked up my paper bible and my boys notice more.

    Cam D.

    1. Cam, I am deeply impacted by your words, experience and revelation! Thank you for not only sharing, but by doing so know that it has in return deeply reminded me why this is so important and valuable!

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