Our Annual Family Christmas Update


This is our second Christmas back in BC, and boy, are we quickly reminded how different it is from Manitoba! Just the other day, while we were at Josiah’s soccer practice, we noticed all these kids in shorts and t-shirts and shared how this would NEVER be the case if we were in Manitoba during this time of year…they would FREEZE to death! We do miss the beautiful Manitoban snow, as well as our daughter, Merci who still lives out there. Whether you can relate to having loved ones living far away, or to big changes in life, our prayer for you is that this Christmas would be an enjoyable time, where God’s love is freely lavished upon you, and that others will gather around you in joyful community.


The adjustment from working in one local church to partnering with many has been an incredible thrilling and growing learning curve. Speaking to new crowds, developing new sermons, talks and materials. Building a ministry App and publishing a monthly eZine are just a few of the things that keep him busy. Starting a small group to use the DFR marriage material with is going to be a new project starting in January.


Apart from all the wonderful opportunities that have come our way, since July Melissa has gotten back to the books, in pursuit of her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy through ACTS Seminary in Langley, BC. Papers and exams, time with family and friends not to mention work and… make for a whole new kind of balancing act. She has also been meeting with various women going through tough times in either their marriage or personal lives, with a heart to bring them hope, encouragement and the healing love of Christ. She even manages to squeeze time in to either work out or enjoy a good cup of tea!


As many of you know, Merci stayed out in Manitoba and this September and started her studies at University of Manitoba in the first year program, hoping to launch into the nursing program afterwards. She has been working for Moxies, Fabutan, and most recently at EnVision, where she works in a care home with a gentleman with special needs, which has been keeping her incredibly busy. She sounds a lot like her mom! We are looking forward to her and her boyfriend, Wayne, coming out to join us this Christmas break.


This year Leigha is in grade 4, and is enjoying all the fun that comes with getting letter grades for the first time! She is doing really well in school, not to mention making some good friends. She busies herself with running club, cross country, piano lessons, GEMS and Pioneer Clubs (the last 2 being Christian programs where she learns bible verses and earns badges). She has been very passionate in sharing life with those around her, and most importantly, sharing what Jesus means to her with her friends. It is deeply encouraging and humbling to see your daughter courageously and boldly sharing her faith with others, she even prayed with one of her friends to receive Jesus!


Josiah is in grade 3 and enjoys every minute of it, mainly because his teacher loves art and since Josiah is very interested in art, they connect! We continually hear from his teacher what an amazing student Josiah is, yes academically, but in character (not that we didn’t know)! We hear all the time how teachers and others are blown away by his care for others, and his warm personality. Something to be very proud of indeed! Josiah is also in Pioneer Clubs, as well as soccer, and until recently, art classes. David and Josiah recently decided to create their own art projects that we do on our Friday family nights, which is a lot of fun!


Our little bundle of energy and giggles, this 3 year-old is a lot of fun. He goes to daycare with Miss Laura 2 days a week, and to StrongStart (a free parent-directed preschool) the other days indipill.com. As much as he loves adventures, his heart is very connected to his family, he would rather be with his siblings and parents than friends…as evident by his attempt to monopolize every minute of his mom’s attention at StrongStart. As much as Toby is growing with his words, interaction with others, and his fine skills of helping his mommy around the house, his physical size doesn’t always show it. His adorable smallness could never be pointed out to him though because he is always how he is not little, and how much of a big boy he is!

How are you and YOUR family doing? Any special prayer requests you have personally? We would love to be there for you whenever and however we can, whether through email, text, skype or in person. We feel so blessed in our family and want to extend our blessings to all of you!!


We would love your prayers for our family, after all what family doesn’t need prayer? Please also pray for our ministry, that churches will open their doors to hosting us speaking and for those who attend, that the Truths of God will touch them and their lives, allowing it to minister to them and provide added guidance in complicated areas. Also pray for our finances, as we support raise in a society where it is either misunderstood and where most families are overextended already. I think my family has been good with our finances this year but we can always do better. I am going to look at investment tools like Bitcoin Bank in the New Year to see if I can become more financially stable through that so I pray that goes well. Our hope and prayer is that many will be excited to partner with us with “Doing Family Right”, in reaching marriages and families with hope, encouragement and Truth.

Again, we extend our Christmas blessings to your home and look forward to hearing from you all!

Love David, Melissa, Merci, Leigha, Josiah and Tobias