Fundraising Part 2: Foundation and Freedom

I have always been someone who tithed, in fact I would do so without thinking about it… to the extent that the idea of auto withdrawal was a relief, because then I wouldn’t forget to do it. I believe I had a healthy concept of tithing, giving my first fruits etc… even to the extent of being uncomfortable.

The issue I ran into was that I never really allowed myself to consider giving to other things, and I might even say that there was an issue with my heart being in a place of worship when I did give to the church, after all much of the time I was giving automatically.  Not much focus there.

Being in my current position, (that of raising my own funds for ministry), I am finding that my perspective on giving has shifted pretty heavily.

I’ve found added freedom in allowing myself to be convicted to give to something. I’ve realized the degree to which I can feel like I’m a part of the foundation of the ministries that I am a part of through financial support. AND I pray far more intentionally for the ministries that I am a part of.

Giving this way is far more fulfilling, far more in touch with God’s leading and potential conviction and opens up a way for me to hear His voice that I haven’t allowed or looked for in a very long time.

May you listen for God’s voice as you give, and particularly as you become the foundation that the ministries you support are built on. After all, they can’t do it without you!


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  1. Thanks for sharing that Dave. I have always thought if I was tithing but not tithing to a church(not that I don’t) but thinking that my tithing was going to the 5 ministries we support it was not enough that church tithing was more important. I realize though that even though church tithing is important, I more so think that tithing to a ministry is far more important when it comes to see it going to those who are out there in the field seeding and where the reaping is truly happening. That is my take on it, correct me if I am wrong… I believe that for me it is far more important and believe it or not I feel at peace.

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