Family Discipleship…

Recently I’ve had some interesting opportunities as a Father… Not being attached to a church on sunday mornings has given me the chance to experiment with some family church services. My kids love it and call me Pastor Dad, we sing and play and learn together in ways that bring us closer together, its been great.

For the first number of weeks they seemed to enjoy “family church” so much that I wondered if going back to conventional church would ever be necessary.

Sooner or later though, my kids began to miss the community of friends that they had at church… and so we’ve begun exploring new churches to see how we might balance family worship with some added community for them.

I suppose the questions that have come up are ones like: “What does family discipleship look like?” “What does it mean to lead your family as a father and spiritual head of the home?” and many others.

I ran into this link that has a little sample handbook on some options for family discipleship/worship…

I guess the natural fears related to this topic tend to be things like the reality of the responsibility, the potential amount of work it might require… essentially the unknowns.

And yet starting with something is better than nothing!