Podcast – Face Time vs Screen Time: Helping kids with an electronic-digital balance

The DFR Podcast team discusses and gives tools for Helping our kids balance digital devices in their lives. Podcast #65: Face Time vs. Screen Time – Helping Kids Achieve Electronic-Digital Balance   http://traffic.libsyn.com/doingfamilyright/DFR65.m4a   Originally posted on HERE on the DFR site.   For more info follow these links: 6 Step guide to Social Media […]

rTribe – The Recovery Tool for Porn Addiction

     rTribe The Powerful Porn Addiction Recovery Tool   rTribe is a Porn Addiction Recovery app that helps in incredible ways. rTribe will help you: Become self-aware Use your phone for positive things Connect with a community of people that can support you Become excited and even a little addicted to staying clean Be […]

Porn Addiction Recovery Tool: Always on Guard and what that looks like

Porn Addiction Recovery Tool: Always on Guard and what that looks like   Often we have trouble understanding what it means to always be on Guard. (1 Cor. 16:13) When in recovery it’s easy to get complacent and feel good when temptation is low and we feel like “it must be over” but in reality […]

Rethinking Temptation – The Church of Porn or the Arms of Jesus

The number of men I speak to that describe how afraid they are of temptation is incredible. I suppose when you think of it, it makes sense after all. Temptation can lead to falling into sin, and with a history of falling we begin to fear the temptation itself. But I would like to propose […]

Podcasts Featuring the McVetys

It has been a while since I’ve posted a podcast update for everyone. Here are some of our most recent additions to podcasts that Melissa and I recorded with the DFR team. Thanks for listening, our prayer is that your marriage and family would be blessed and strengthened by our honesty and sharing. Podcast 50: […]

Going Solo is Dangerous, Take a Wookie With You!

I recently found myself relating to a few themes that I have found in Star Wars. I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the recent release of “The Force Awakens” but I think I have some grace given that I’ve named my daughter after THE Star Wars Princess and once named a […]

Rules – Relationship = Rebellion; A Parenting Principle

A core theme that we teach at Doing Family Right is this: “Rules without Relationship = Rebellion.” Dr. Dave Currie was the first person I heard it from, and he doesn’t hesitate to admit that he heard it first from someone else, but we have grabbed onto it and developed it from there. This statement […]